DIY Restore's high-capacity air movers, commercial dehumidifiers, and moisture meter

Drying Package Rental


Get full access to commercial drying equipment and quickly remediate water damage with our convenient drying package rental.

Drying Equipment Package Rental – $995 (set fee)

  • Ten (10) high-capacity air movers, two (2) commercial dehumidifiers, and moisture meter for every surface in your home for a period of five (5) days
  • After ordering online we will deliver equipment to your provided address
  • We’ll provide an action plan to help you remediate the water damage 
  • After the five (5) days of rental we'll pick up the equipment

There’s no need to hire pricey pros or purchase and store expensive equipment – this is as streamlined and as simple as it gets. Submit an online order and we’ll get the process moving. Please be in touch with any questions, concerns, or to update your delivery timeframe. We’re happy to help you recover.