Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I rent DIY Restore‚Äôs drying equipment over making an insurance claim?

    When faced with water damage & removal, there is a chance that insurance will not fully cover the water damage restoration cost. Instead of paying up to $4,500 in restoration costs, renting commercial drying equipment is affordable and easy.

  • Where do I start with my rental?

    Give DIY Restore a call at (877) 349-2325 and we can walk you through the simple & easy process of renting drying equipment.

  • What is included in the standard drying equipment package?

    DIY Restore provides industry leading commercial drying equipment and monitoring devices.

    The standard drying equipment package includes:

    • 10 commercial Air movers
    • 2 Commercial dehumidifiers
    • Moisture meter for every surface in your home
  • Is there someone available to assist me through the water damage restoration process?

    With every dry package rental we offer free support through the entire process. Our #1 goal is to make sure the drying process is done correctly and your space is restored.

  • Is the drying equipment package available the same day notified?

    We know that with water damage it's important to start the drying process as quickly as possible. DIY Restore aims to deliver our drying equipment rental package to your home within 2 hours of ordering.

  • How will I know my room is safe & dry from water damage before contacting a contractor?

    DIY Restore uses industry leading measurement equipment to monitor humidity and moisture to make sure the drying process is complete.

  • How do I contact DIY Restore with further questions?

    DIY Restore is available 7 days a week at: 

    Phone Number - (877) 349-2325
    Email -

  • How can I verify DIY Restore employees when they arrive at my door?

    We stay in contact with customers with as accurate as possible ETA’s and which team members we are sending to your location.

  • How can I extend my water damage equipment rental?

    If for any reason you need to extend your equipment rental you simply need to give us a call to make this adjustment.  Please note that changing the original terms of the deal will incur separate charges.

  • Do you have drying equipment for hardwood floors?

    Drying hardwood floors can be very difficult with a traditional approach, that is why we offer special equipment to make sure your hardwood floors are restored properly.

  • Can the equipment package be delivered?

    Yes! DIY Restore delivers and picks up the equipment from your business or residence in the greater Cleveland, OH area.  We will also help set up the drying equipment to make the process as easy and efficient as possible.

  • Can I get an estimate of water damage for insurance?

    If you decide to put in a claim with your insurance we can provide an official estimate for your insurance provider for an additional fee.

  • Are DIY Restore's employees certified in water removal?

    Each employee at DIY Restore is trained and certified in water removal and drying techniques. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration certification is the standard of excellence in this industry.