A Bit About Us

Waking up to a flooded basement, a broken pipe or soggy carpet is one of the most daunting events a homeowner can face. The process of drying your home can cost thousands of dollars - and it can disrupt your life. The truth of the matter is the drying process is very simple and there is no good reason why companies charge outrageous fees. With our experience in water restoration we have intimate knowledge of this industry. We have also seen time and time again homeowners experience a water damage and pursue the traditional route with a restoration company, only to regret it. DIY Restore is the world's first homeowner focused solution for water damage. Through our innovative approach, we empower homeowners to efficiently dry their homes in the most cost effective manner.

What We Do

For homeowners who have suffered water damage in their home, the situation can be frustrating and pose a huge expense for remediation and repair. But for those who are handy and ready to tackle the challenge, options do exist. Instead of paying thousands out of pocket for a company to come in or buying commercial drying equipment, consider renting from DIY Restore.

We close the gap between savvy homeowners and expensive teams of professionals by renting high-capacity commercial dryers and dehumidifiers for a flat fee. Our process is easy and convenient:

  • Rent our flat-fee drying package online
  • We confirm your address and drop off our equipment at your home
  • Our experienced remediation team will provide a strategic drying plan
  • When the allotted five-day rental period is over, we confirm drying process is complete and pick up the rented equipment

Homeowner with flooding & water damage in their home

It doesn’t get easier than that! So if you’ve experienced water damage in your home and remediation isn’t covered by an insurance policy, reach out to learn how DIY Restore can help. Get in touch with any questions or rent our drying package today.

We look forward to helping you recover.